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Attending Your Own Funeral: Thoughts on Finances and Legacies


As part of my job as an anesthesiologist, I get called to truly horrific airway events.  Sometimes they are down in the emergency department after a bad car accident, drowning, or burn.  Others are in ICU’s.  Sometimes they are even in hallways or bathrooms where people have stopped breathing or collapsed from cardiac arrest.  It’s part of the job.

Recently, I was called to an airway in an ICU in what became a surreal experience. …Read more

The 100th Post: Traffic, Guest Posts, and Much More


Today’s post is a marker of commitment.  I have posted three posts every week for 100 straight posts.  The blog started at the very end of November 2017.  Today’s post will break away a little bit from our typical content covering wealth building, financial independence, and wellness topics to follow the progress of this site.  It’ll be fun to look back a few years from now and see where we were at this point. …Read more

Three Ways Being American Causes Financial Failure


Let’s bring you back to my roots as a philosophy major in college.  Everything in philosophy is about “isms.”  Some of them are religious philosophies like Buddhism and Judaism, or pluralism versus monotheism.  Others are political in nature  like communism or fascism.  Today we are going to talk about another “ism” that dramatically impacts our ability to build wealth and achieve early financial independence: American exceptionalism.

Before you click the “back” button away from this…Read more

Patient Perspectives #1: Financial Independence and Multiple Sclerosis


This is a guest post by Kate.  Kate is a nurse practitioner, financial independence junkie, travel fanatic, and homeschool mom. She blogs at On Our Way World.  We have no financial relationship at this time.  I hope to introduce this is as the first of many “Patient Perspectives” presented on this web site.  If you are interested in writing a Patient Perspective post geared at helping medical professionals remember why…Read more

Why My Broke Side Hustle is Better Than Your Main Hustle


For anyone who has a side hustle just starting up, certainly this idea has crossed your mind before. You know. The idea where you realize that the side hustles aren’t earning a lot of money.  Then you think… if you’d just focus more on your main hustle, then you’d likely make more money picking up extra shifts, cases, or seeing more patients.  Why not just focus there?  Well, because its not all…Read more

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Wasting Your Money on Conflicted Financial Advice


I am in the process of writing a book specifically for medical students, residents, and early career attending physicians. One of the chapters is on conflict of interest, because…Read more

Time is Money, but Money Can’t Buy Time


“This broken water heater is going to set us back.  If it costs $2,000 to replace, that’s an extra two weeks of payments towards our student loans.”  Please, tell me…Read more

Burning and Turning Pages: Learning a lesson on Self-Worth


My oldest kid, little Miss Philosopher has been learning a lesson in 1st grade on self-worth.  She absolutely loves reading.  We live in a little starter home. So, she…Read more

Will I be able to retire? The Mice and Money Model


TPP Note: This is a Guest Post by Mouse. Mouse, who you can follow on twitter, is a self-described husband (to a doctor), father,…Read more

The June Monthly Checkout: June 15th, 2018


In medicine, we have to handover care to the medical providers coming behind us.  Just like we run the list to “check out” on the patients we are taking…Read more

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