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My goal is to help medical professionals achieve wealth without forgetting why, which is to live a life well lived.  Here, we use the tools provided by financial independence to treat and prevent burnout.

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Recently, I published a post discussing the most recent Medscape burnout & depression survey results for physicians.  An interesting point of discussion was that many physicians felt that if they made more money, they would likely be happier.  Today, we will discuss the implications of this thought process…

In my time since finishing training and my financial enlightenment, I’ve had several residents ask me about their student loans. I am often surprised to find out how little they know about the ways in which they can save money utilizing the income driven repayment programs and -…


People are sometimes confused about why I combine wealth and wellness on The Physician Philosopher.  Why do I spend time writing about designing an intentional life.  Can’t he JUST write about finances? 


In my mind, these concepts are…


How do I make my first backdoor roth IRA? That’s a great question.  If you want a step by step tutorial for your first backdoor roth IRA contributions, this post is here to help.  We will run through how it works at Vanguard, though it is likely similar at…

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“Fire Your Financial Advisor” Review

As many of you know the White Coat Investor, or Dr. Jim Dahle, is a well known emergency medicine physician, personal finance author, blogger, and podcast-er. Recently, Dr….Read more

Three Keys to Satisfaction at Work


There is a lot of research that goes into the psychology of satisfaction at work and work productivity.  One such discussion by Richard Ryan and Edward Deci discusses…Read more

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One of my best friend’s texted me the other day to tell me about a bet that Warren Buffet made ten years ago.  He bet a hedge fund manager…Read more

Three Reasons No One Cares About Wellness

I was talking to a colleague recently about the lack of proactive wellness initiatives in our residency training program. [We do a very good job of reacting when residents…Read more

The Second Philosophy: The One Month Rule


We all know the feeling. You purchase something in a moment of brilliance that you have to buy. You think it’s great. Surely, this new (insert: financed car/home, expensive…Read more

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