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My goal is to help medical professionals achieve wealth without forgetting why, which is to live a life well lived.  Here, we use the tools provided by financial independence to treat and prevent burnout.

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Physician Finance Interview #2


This is Physician Finance Interview #2, which is a series of posts published each Friday. Each person interviewed is either a doctor (or married to one) and the purpose is to allow outsiders in to the financial mind of other health care providers.

My questions are in bold and the responses follow.
If you’d like to read other recent Physician Finance Interviews, check them out here:
Physician Finance Interview #1
Email me if…Read more

5 Attributes that Make You An Easy Financial Target


Doctors are notoriously bad with money.  Part of this has to do with the fact that the schools that prepare our future doctors are ill equipped to teach them about money.  When I was a fourth year medical student, my school had a financial group called GL Advisors come and talk to us about money.  Not only was their advice conflicted, but the lawyer who owned GL Advisors would later end up going…Read more

4 Lies About Money That Make You Poor


Before my financial awakening two years ago, I made a bunch of financial mistakes ranging from forbearing on my debt – please, don’t do this – to investing in the market while I was accruing 6.8% interest on my student loans.  There are a lot of reasons why I made these mistakes.  Many of them – that I am going to spend some time disproving today – were caused by lies, myths, and…Read more

Physician Finance Interview # 1


This is Physician Finance Interview #1 of what I hope will be many Friday “Physician Finance Interviews” where we talk with physicians (or those married to them) about their finances.  The focus of the interview is to investigate how other physicians have handled their money, income earning potential, assets, debts, and much more.

Tag along as we discuss success, failures, and advice that I hope will prove useful to many!  Please, leave comments below about…Read more

When is the right time to buy the next house?


You may or may not have noticed, but I recently posted about my family’s success in using The 10% Rule in improving our net worth by $254,000 in just one year.  This was only possible because we lived on less than 20% of our income.  Living on that percentage of our income was only possible, because we didn’t buy a house.  In fact, the more that I think about it, the more…Read more

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The Physician Philosopher Manifesto: A Journey to Wealth


Throughout the first thirty years of my existence I did not learn a thing about personal finance from just about anyone.  Not my parents.  Not my grandparents. …Read more

Five Steps to Building Wealth

TPP Takeaways:

Minimize debt while in medical school and residency!   Enter into REPAYE in training (if you can and it makes sense).  If you aren’t sure, sign up for…Read more

Disability Insurance:What I wish I had Known


The Physician Philosopher (TPP) Takeaways:

Guaranteed insurance coverage offered in training (residency/fellowship) is only “Guaranteed” if you have NOT ever been denied by another disability insurance carrier.
Read more

Choosing the right Medical Specialty


The Physician Philosopher (TPP) Takeaways:

Biggest branch point in deciding:  Procedural versus non-procedural.  After that it gets more difficult!
Love the good aspects of the specialty you…Read more

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