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My goal is to help medical professionals achieve wealth without forgetting why, which is to live a life well lived.  Here, we use the tools provided by financial independence to treat and prevent burnout.

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The Real Secret To Financial Success

Personal finance can be complicated.  We have safe withdrawal rates, safe harbor rules, stealth and stretch IRAs, tax loss harvesting, investing on the efficient frontier, and low-expense ratio passive index fund investing. Odds are that most people we work with do not understand what these words mean, though if you are reading this site you possibly might.

Regardless of how complicated we make this stuff, financial success boils down to just…Read more

Physician Finance Interview #7: Dr. McFrugal


This is Physician Finance Interview #7.  You can find all of the other PFI posts here.

As the interview has progressed, we have broadened the category of people being interviewed. Each person interviewed is either a medical professional of some kind (or married to one).  Sometimes that’s a physician. Other times its a dentist, PA, CRNA, or another health care professional.

The interview allows us an in depth view of their life and financial decisions. …Read more

How Academic Medicine Made Me a Non-Academic Author


Introduction:  Today’s post is a guest post by Brian Downs. Dr. Downs is a surgeon and a writer.  Today’s post fits in perfectly with our Wellness Wednesday posts as it highlights finding joy outside of our work: being a physician author.  Brian blogs over at Cognitive Buffer on a wide range of topics all with the hope of providing some thoughtful creativity outside the hospital.  Take it away, Brian!
The Burden of Academic Publications
Practicing physicians…Read more

Personal Finances are Personal: Invest or Pay Down Debt?


Walking outside, my oldest little philosopher came zooming by me on her scooter.  She was going just as fast as her brother on his bike – probably too fast!  The hill she just came down helped provide some of that speed.

For my other two kids, I likely would have told them to “be careful” or “slow down.”  But not my oldest kid.  I encouraged it by saying, “Keep it up!  Go as fast as…Read more

Physician Finance Interview #6


This is Physician Finance Interview #6.

Today’s post comes from none other than Hatton1 who is a well-known commenter on many physician websites.  Hatton now runs a blog of her own over at Doctor of Finance MD focused on the retirement aspect of personal finance.
The most recent Physician Finance Interviews can be found below:
Physician Finance Interview (PFI) #5
PFI #4
PFI #3
As always, my questions are in bold, and then the…Read more

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Honesty is Still The Best Policy: Marriage Sucks


A woman stood up, and introduced herself.  We all knew her anyway.  Tracy and her family, including her husband – a chief resident at the hospital – had been…Read more

How to Know If You Are Stuck in a Sales Funnel


“But, daddy, all of the other kids have Tae-Kwon-Do gear.”  I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to be trapped in the middle of a sales funnel. …Read more

Physician Finance Interview #5


This is Physician Finance Interview #5.  This interview series is meant to explore the situations of different kinds of doctors in various stages of life.  Hopefully, we can all…Read more

Why Doctors Lack Empathy: A War Story


I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old…Read more

Physician By Day; Financial Advisor By Night?


I am considering taking the road of entering the financial advising field.  This begs the question: Why should I become a financial advisor? Why would a practicing anesthesiologist making…Read more

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