The Money Meets Medicine Podcast

The Money Meets Medicine Podcast Welcome to The Money Meets Medicine Podcast where host Jimmy Turner, a practicing physician anesthesiologist, and co-host Ryan Inman, a fee-only financial advisor teach you all of the personal finance topics you wish you had learned in medical school.  With the combined knowledge and experience of a practicing physician and … Read more

How Kids Impact FIRE

We all know that kids are expensive. But how exactly do kids impact our ability to get to FIRE? That’s exactly what this post aims to answer. It even includes some real numbers to help us quantify the impact kids have on our ability to reach our financial goals.

Don’t Buy Things You Can’t Afford

How to afford something

Despite it being a simple premise, Americans buy things that they cannot afford all of the time.  Not only does this post include a link to a hilarious (yet true) video on the idea of waiting til you can afford something to buy it, but it is also filled with practical advice on how to spend less.  This will then allow you to save more.   Tag along as we discuss a simple, yet effective truth.

The Importance of Finding Contentment Today

contentment today

In the journey to becoming doctors, we get used to the four year transition periods. There is always a next step. This produces a problem that leads to worse burnout, an inability to find contentment today.

Why PSLF Will Work


Many students I talk to are concerned that PSLF is going away. They’ve seen it in congressional acts and presidential budgets. In this guest post, a student loan expert (Travis Hornsby) walks us through why you should have a little trust. Come check it out.

Who is The Physician Philosopher?

who is the physician philosopher

I’ve been blogging for 15 months, and I guess it’s time I officially introduce myself… My name is Jimmy Turner, and it’s good to meet you! Tag along as we discuss the background, the big reveal, and the future direction of the blog.

Physician Finance Interview #10: Pediatrician Finds FI

Physician Finance Interview #10

This is Physician Finance Interview #10.  You can find all of the other PFI posts here. As the interview has progressed, we have broadened the category of people being interviewed. Each person interviewed is either a medical professional of some kind (or married to one).  Sometimes that’s a physician. Other times its a dentist, PA, … Read more

The Tenth Philosophy: TMF Personal Finance Calendar

Ever wondered if there are certain months where specific financial tasks should be completed? Ever forget a deadline because you forgot to write it down? How often should you rebalance your assets? The Moderately Frugal Personal Finance Calendar aims to answer this, and much more.

Expectations and Reality: Producing Happiness

How do you have a successful marriage?  How did you have kids during residency?  Doesn’t your spouse get tired of not seeing you during this rotation?  Wasn’t medical school hard? How do you balance your research, clinical work, and having a family of five? The secret I have found to all of these dilemmas is about setting expectations.