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Lazy Workers are Bad; Lazy Portfolios Are Great

Being lazy while practicing medicine doesn’t likely lead to the results you want. However, being lazy in the market is ideal. Here are five lazy portfolios that will provide great success, including the one I prescribe to (The Physician Philosopher Five Fund Portfolio). Come see why lazy is best.

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Could Multiple Savings Accounts Help You?

Do you ever feel the stress of variable expenses or unanticipated costs that come up? Do you sabotage your own success by dipping into your savings? Multiple savings accounts may prove helpful for you. Keep reading to find out more!

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The Monthly Checkout: Belated Thanksgiving Edition

From personal finance topics to those on burnout, this month’s monthly checkout is a Belated Thanksgiving Edition. Also, don’t miss the update at the end of the post… it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns at The Physician Philosopher this year.

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Loss Aversion and Analysis Paralysis

You might think you like choices… but that just isn’t really true. Sometimes more choice can lead to indecision. And even when we do choose, we are constantly afraid of losing it! This all impacts your money decisions… and it’s all in today’s post.

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