Welcome Physician on Fire Readers: Bonds, Student Loan Bonds

Welcome Physician on Fire readers! If you want to learn more about TPP, click here. For my regular readers, I have a Thursday guest post on Physician on Fire’s website where I write about Student Loan Bonds and how we can view them in a diversified portfolio. Click here and I’ll direct you the right way!

The Tenth Philosophy: TMF Personal Finance Calendar

Ever wondered if there are certain months where specific financial tasks should be completed? Ever forget a deadline because you forgot to write it down? How often should you rebalance your assets? The Moderately Frugal Personal Finance Calendar aims to answer this, and much more.

The Ninth Philosophy: DIY Personal Finance

I often ask people, “Do you think you are dumb enough, if you put just a little time in, to make 10 million dollars worth of mistakes?”  The point I am trying to make is that, with just a little bit of do-it-your self personal finance education, you can be your own financial advisor.  Today we will discuss exactly how to go about this!

How to Avoid Consumer Regret: Intentional Spending

Intentional Spending

If it causes you to go into debt, finance/leverage a purchase, or prevent you from adequately saving it is likely not worth it!  That is not intentional spending.  Intentional spending makes your head and your heart happy!  If it isn’t accomplishing both, it isn’t intentional spending. Read more to find out what is!

The Seventh Philosophy: The Platonic Creed

For those of us who have “seen the light” and realized that the financial shadows that dance on the wall are created by the industrial machine that want us to believe the personal finance is too hard to do ourselves.  Once we are freed to realize that it is not as difficult as it used to seem, it is our responsibility to go back and to free the other prisoners.  This is the Seventh Philosophy:  A Responsibility to Teach

The Fifth Philosophy: How to Slay a Bear Market

Could you stomach watching $500,000 turn into $250,000 over the course of months, or lose $100,000 in one week?  A Bear Market is not the time to find out who you are in terms of your ability to withstand corrections and recessions.  You need to have a plan  to slay the bear market before it comes!

TPP Net Worth Update: 6 Months Out

This is my first of (at least) quarterly TPP Net Worth updates. This will help hold me accountable, help provide transparency to my readers, and hopefully provide those coming behind me some proof that financial goals can be achieved in a way to make both the head and the heart happy!

How to make a $24,000 Backdoor Roth Conversion In One Year!


I am an anesthesiologist and we live by the “Trust, but verify” mindset.  I thought I’d missed the deadline to contribute to a backdoor Roth IRA. Not only had I not missed the deadline, I realized I could give not $11,000 but $22,000 to a backdoor Roth IRA in a calendar year. Read more to find out how…

“Fire Your Financial Advisor” Review

The following is a review of this course, which is called Fire Your Financial Advisor. The review is long, but this course includes over 6 hours worth of video and presentation information all-in-all. Want to sneak a peek? Read more to find out.